Love is not something you earn

Love is not something you earn.

“So this woman sat with me & held my hand after I passed out in India two weeks ago…

She can’t speak a word of English…NOT ONE WORD!!

She made facial and hand gestures to communicate to me to see if I was okay, thirsty or hungry. She made sure I got extra help from a doctor.

Every day following to the day I departed, she passed by where I was staying, found me and gave me a big hug.

One of the staff told me she lives a walk away….but considers herself a neighbour to anyone she meets.

Like wow! What a mindset!!

The hugs she gave me felt incredible. I literally felt her heart pouring into mine. It was such a yummy soul soothing feeling each time😌

She reminds me that love is not some commodity that you earn…its innate and we all deserve it even if we can’t completely understand one another.

Gosh! This woman…talk about being seen! Talk about being unconditionally loved!!😍

In a world where its easy to lose hope and trust…moments like these inspire us not to give up πŸ™”


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