Have you had a good poop today?

We expend 50% of our energy processing food every day and you’re telling me you’ve only managed to squeeze out that pathetic little chocolate finger?  

Whilst it may seem normal and even comical to see a replica of one of Cadbury’s best selling processed snacks in your toilet bowl.. Its no joke, that sh*t is probably not great for your vitality!

The human body has between 30 & 150 trillion cells. It performs 100,000 functions every second. It is totally unmatched by anything ever created by man. –not even close!

My point – ask yourself how you can love that incredible vehicle more today? 🚗

Did you know there millions of species on the planet – all functioning at a higher level of health than us humans. Yikes!

So you turn to your doctor for help?

Thing is your general doctor likely didn’t go to nutrition school and depending on the budget won’t refer you further, you’d be oh so lucky if you get a scan of your colon sooner rather than later…Its like a postcard surgery lucky day dip type of thing!

One of the problems with modern Western medicine for managing lifestyle caused illness is that it is still more reactive than proactive…though trying…were not there yet.

Depending on who you get to see, you may also be prescribed medications for symptoms, and then more for the side affects of those medications.

This practice of suppressing symptoms only further increases the damage…and inhibits your body’s healing potential.

There is a very valid place for Western medicine which I respect (think acute, sudden emergencies and high speed degenerative illnesses).

 Spending time in India 🇮🇳 learning about natural medicine reaffirms to me how much power and potential is in our own hands for prevention and health management.  

So how do we fix our bodies and get everything into balance, how do we detox and cleanse I hear you say?


To get ‘toxins’ out of the bloodstream – out of the body, your body has to filter them out.

Most of us have all we need…but in order to do this effectively we need to create supportive internal & external environments that suit our body type. 

We need to go to the root of the issues, and be prepared to draw on patience if that is what is needed.

Disrespecting yourself by hoping for a quick slap it on fix/fad will likely lead you to regret.

Chronic difficult to cure diseases develop when we continue to suppress/ignore acute symptoms.

Amongst many other genius tasks, your body does 2 key things – eliminates toxic substances or stores them.

The fastest growing cancer currently is colon cancer.

Colon cancer does not happen by accident…it happens by lack of awareness, insight & understanding.

The food we eat should ideally travel through the body and be eliminated in 8-12 hours. The transit time of the average parts of west is 96 hours. (4 days!) (& that’s average- meaning some people go much longer!) 

You’re looking for a well formed decent sized happy floating stool, that is not too oily or dry daily.  Also, a feeling of completion & space when done.

 Its when we are unable to empty properly that things tend to pile up inside & cause issues.

When the colon is constantly in contact with toxins, cancers/sickness can easily develop there.

 I could go on…

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