Commitment: The ball’s in your court!

It seems like this word is fleeting and fading in many contexts these days.

Seems like many of us are exhausted, sleep walking thinking we’re awake, carrying misaligned expectations on our shoulders, so heavy they are literally weighing us down to a place of desperately seeking part time and checked outness. 

Some of us fight and try and hold on, but inside theres flurry’s of doubt and terror…and with just one prod, one trigger..we can find ourselves off track and no longer commited.

I’ve see it especially rampant in dating and health sectors recently.

Many of us defensively deflecting anything that does not go our way, in an attempt to cover up and avoid the question; but am I commited here?!!  

Its like sometimes the fear of the process of gaining something meaningful is greater than the hope/trust of what’s possible. I guess its because we don’t have something concrete to latch on to or ….validate us with in the early days of trying to improve our healths or find love.

We also rationalise the present based on our memory of the past..whether that memory is accurate or not is irrelevant too.

Its a tragic epidemic.😢

Its okay not to be commited to things. What’s sad (and to be blunt semi illogical) is consistently being halfarsed commited and sobbing 😭 when you don’t get what you desire. 

The thing is…without clarity on what’s important, self confidence and assurance to know your feelings/desires are valid and okay to have…AND commitment, you really just stay in that sore yukky icky annoying spot in life.🙄

I know sometimes it feels cathartic and all that to vent about but the reality is you are literally whittling the blessing of your own amazing life by going round and round on your unmerry-go-round. 🎠🎡

So here’s what to do:

1. Identify your why


3.Witness Magic

Practice this daily. Understand its okay if some things and people organically slip away/reposition themselves and that things may not follow a direct linear. ✨ 〽️ 

People ask me all the time, why do I smile so much, how am I so organised, how do I get to do this and that regardless of my adversities and income fluctuations?

The answer I guess is that I’m commited.  

This year I made some firm commitments on my  lifes landscape, from the type of romantic love I would explore, to my work, family, health and more. I literally mapped out what was important to me. I then (being the analytical geek i am) critically analysed my choices a bit to determine if they were coming from a healthy space in myself….ensuring these commitments honour me whilst respecting others.

Its not been long, but its already apparent as I move forward with passion for my commitments that I’m seeing changes.

I’ve LOST MY HOME BUT, I’ve gained comfort, trust & inner peace internally regardless of my sleeping situation…and a new living situation I’m deeply content with. 🏡 

I’ve LOST A PARTNER I THOUGHT ID SPEND MY LIFE WITH, BUT  I’ve gained self respect and clarity on what’s important to me intimately, both to share and receive. 💔 💘 🤴 

I’ve LOST CONNECTION WITH SOME FAMILY & FRIENDS that I love so deeply BUT I’ve gained less frequent headaches and reduced chronic fatigue…in addition to beautifully aligned friends, some so deeply connected we consider ourselves family.💆 😌 🕊 

I’ve LOST MY CORPORATE PAY CHECK BUT I’ve gained freedom over my work,play hours and time to rest when I need it. 🌏 👣

 I’ve lost so many things but through shedding what was hurting and suppressing me as best as I could,  through commitment to simply feel joy and share joy with others…& trust that I can create that I’ve gained so much and can truly say I’m so happy. 🙏

YOU CAN TOO. Go Commit yourself to positive act of services in your life….and see them through.

Whilst I respect a sprinkle of good luck, its the little things we do or don’t do consistently over time that accumulate to the results we receive in any path in life…work, friends, love, family, fitness, adventure, play


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