What We Cover

"My vision is a world where we deeply understand ourselves, drop barriers, find optimum health, develop strong relational skills and truly embrace living”



Who am I?

  • Over 500 hrs yoga, EFT & meditation trauma informed training
  • Heal thy self coach mentored by Tyler Tolman
  • Certified Relationship, Sex & Intimacy Coach – concious relating specialist
  • Training Rapid Transformation Therapist (CBT, NLP, hypnosis)
  • Worked internationally  as a wellness practitioner for over 7 yrs
  • Experienced multiple deaths of loved ones inc father @ 22yrs
  • Coached my brother & mother out of clinical depression
  • Transformed myself from sick & obese (153kg) to athletic
  • Pleasure activist
  • Daughter, granddaughter, friend, sister, aunty, partner, cousin

 “ My personal adversity surrounding health issues and death have inspired me to go deep into becoming an expert in the key life areas of wellbeing. 

I am especially passionate about relationships because on a primitive evolutionary level,  they are central to our wellbeing. We  are relational creatures; we can do all the fitness,  nutrition hacking etc that we want, but  without efficient relating skills all our hard work in these areas are fruitless.

I work with  complete devotion, sincerity and respect

 I am committed to use every skill and privilege i have to support others; not only in honour of my ancestors before me, but in honour of those coming after me.”

I am an experienced transformational coach who has worked internationally for over 7 years and fuses together science and ancient wellness techniques into my offerings.
I have trained with Layla Martin as a relationship, sex and intimacy coach, with specialist majors in Concious relating, tantric sex, mens sexual mastery, womens sexual mastery.

I have also trained with various other tantric teachers including Peter Lttlejohn cook.
Not stopping there, I have trained with David Deida on men’s sexuality and I do continuous practical study with Jayson Gaddis’ Relationship Training School community as well as studies into clinical sexuality with Dr. Rachael Ross, M.D., PhD.
In 2021, I commenced studies in Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), founded by Marisa Peer. Through scientific neuroplasticity training within (RTT) and somatic work, I am able to give clients fast results.

My personal adversity surrounding severe health issues and death of loved ones have inspired me to go deep into becoming an expert in the key life areas of wellbeing. I am a certified yoga teacher with over 500hrs, clinical massage therapist, detox nutrition specialist. Evidently, these are different wellbeing areas, but ones that all sit under one umbrella, and bring me great pleasure to share.

I am especially passionate about relationships because on a primitive evolutionary level, relationships are central to our wellbeing. We are relational creatures; we can do all the fitness, nutrition hacking etc that we want, but without efficient relating skills as well, all our hard work in these areas are fruitless.

Balanced hormones levels, enable better physically, mentally, and emotionally function. However, with stressors of modern day living we are seeing many people experience preventable hormone related health ailments such as: diabetes, weight issues, painful periods & more. Understanding how to better manage our hormones is essential.

Proper Rest and quality sleep are things many people find themselves chasing, especially during traumatic life periods. Mastering this area and developing tools to assist in times of stress enables you to get the deserved protection of your mental & physical health.

Mindful movement is something that sounds way more complicated than it actually is. In the simplest terms, mindful movement is learning to better understand the felt sense in your body and know what it’s needs, rather than forcing it into something.

Leadership isn’t about business titles or accolades; it is much more meaningful, impactful and profound. Exploring leadership skills helps you to realise your full potential and goals. You set your mission, voice it, creating a process for achieving it & align those processes. These skills apply inside & outside of a workplace.

A healthy relationship with food is essential to wellbeing. However, with fad diets claiming to fix peoples problems, people sometimes overvalue the immediate impact of what they eat, and undervalue the long-term effects of what they consume in a lifetime.

We are always breathing, unconsciously. However, when we shift to exploring the breath consciously with specific techniques, we can release stress, anger, grief, trauma & anxiety.

Neuroscience shows that our brains continue to develop and change even as adults. Our mindset and connection to this internal part of ourselves affects and joins the dots to the way that we approach everything.in our lives.

Hollywood & Disney love stories are entertaining, but often not realistic. Many parents/guardians do not learn how to relate at school. Some of us grew up in toxic environments without realising how this would impact us. All of these contribute to people needing to deepen their understanding on healthy love.

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