Sexuality and sex drives

“Your sex and intimacy drives don’t care about socially constructed boundaries. You have to be willing to take leaps of faith, sometimes steps back, to rock the boat, talk about it every step of the way, make adjustments, and tune in. 

Tuning in starts with developing a deep intimacy with yourself. Then learning how to listen to your inner wisdom, and then learning actively listening of another.

Not listening but really in your head be wondering when the other person is going to stop sharing their side!

Connect to your heart, connect to their heart, find solutions, find breath, …. together but if necessary alone. “

To many people ‘suck it up and put up’ in unhappy circumstances and relationships with partners, friends, and family because they don’t have the courage to say how they truly feel, or don’t know how to say it compassionately, or a way in which they feel heard, or they feel they are tied due to some responsibility, maybe a illness or children etc. We forget there options and other ways that can be tried. We give up… it’s really sad. 😔

But I understand, because I’ve been there myself.🙏

I am here to help you find the space deep within yourself to rapidly transform your life.. to pick yourself up when you’ve given up or feel close to.

My sessions aren’t just about yoga, or meditation, they are about expansion, transformation , connection & deep healing release for men, women & girls coming of age.

Don’t try and carry everything in your own shoulders like I once did. Spare yourself the sickness, stress and deep sadness that usually comes with carrying too much.  💖🙏

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